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Barleygreen Premium Dr. Hagiwara


Barleygreen Premium

BARLEYGREEN ® is the extrect of organic young barley

grass, containing 20x the concentration of regular barley


Providing the widest spectrum of natural 

nutrients available from a single plant source direct

from mother earth, it is widely considered the perfect wholesome food with balanced supply of:


Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins (Amino Acids), Live

Enzymes, ChlorophyII, pH Alkaline.

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3 Steps To Optimum Health



American detoxification expert Dr.Bob Terry has found that two elements within barley nutrients are unparalleled in detoxification, which are live enzymes and chlorophyll.

Barley grass also contains excellent antioxidants which enable your body to detoxify at a cellular level – helping us counteract toxins in our body such as pesticides, heavy metals, food additives, preservatives, various chemical pollutants and colourings.

In 1999, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara and his team of Environmental Toxicology researchers found through their research that when BARLEYGREEN® is dissolved in normal unfiltered water at 37℃, most toxins like malathion, parathion, chlorpyrifos and diazinon were dissolved by the chlorophyll and the live enzymes within BARLEYGREEN® in just 3 hours.



BARLEYGREEN® contains rich alkaline minerals, which are crucial in keeping your pH level (the ratio between alkalinity and acidity of the body) balanced.

A healthy blood pH normally resides between 7.35 - 7.45 which is slightly alkaline in nature. However, a hectic lifestyle can and will cause an unbalanced diet, poor metabolism and poor toxin elimination habits; which in turn impacts your body’s pH level, turning it acidic.

This greatly weakens our body's immune system, leaving us highly vulnerable to various illnesses and chronic diseases. Experts often recommend people to consume food high in alkaline in order to maintain a healthy pH level, thus empowering the body's immune system to function effectively.




BARLEYGREEN: The Salad in a Gla

20 times the concentration, at only 20 calories per cup


Barleygreen® The ONLY Supplement You Need

BARLEYGREEN® Endorsed by Professionals

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Dr. Bob Terry

Detoxification Expert, U.S.

Conducted research by adding many types of pesticides and insecticides into a container of water, mixed with BARLEYGREEN®. Within 3 hours, insecticides such as malathion, parathion, chlorpyrifos, and diazinon were broken down and decomposed by the enzymes in BARLEYGREEN®.

BARLEYGREEN® breaks down pesticides found in fruits and vegetables.

Kazuhiko Kubota, Ph.D

Professor of Pharmaceutical Science, Tokyo University of Science

Conducted studies finding that BARLEYGREEN® lowers cholesterol, blood sugar, and is key to preventing thrombosis, anxiety, ulcers, and inflammation in the body.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) enzyme found in BARLEYGREEN® reduces inflammation, which is an immune system response.

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Takayuki Shibamoto, Ph.D

Professor of Environmental Toxicology, University of California Davis

Dr. Shibamoto’s research on barley grass led him to find 2” -0-GIV; a potent antioxidant that is found to be 500 times more effective than Vitamin E in preventing cell damage that leads to premature aging and weakened immunity.

2”-0-GIV, a potent antioxidant isolated from barley grass powder helps strengthen immunity by preventing cell damage.

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Why is Barleygreen® your Best Choice?

Save BIG with Barleygreen®:
with even more effective results.


Why Barleygreen® is the best?

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What our customers say about BARLEYGREEN®

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3 High Issue

Mr. Chan Cheow Huah

I am a delivery man for a machinery factory. From my recent health reports, I've noticed that my organs were in stressful condition. I was having diabetes, hypertension and stomach inflammation.

I had a high index of cancer cells marker and if not taken care of, it may lead to colorectal cancer. This is partly due to my unhealthy diets which are low in nutrients and stressful lifestyles, which contributed my body to have low levels of enzymes and to lose its vitality.

Now, I am thankful that I have Wellness Concept's Superfood Organic range of products with me. My overall condition has transformed to healthy organs and I regained my vitality too! Thank you, Wellness Concept!

High Uric Acid

Mr. Samer Bin Dugasan

My uric acid problem was severe, and I don't feel well often. One day, I could not walk with my left leg, and I went to the doctor for medical treatment. Even after taking medicine prescribed by the doctor, there was no significant improvement.

Fortunately, I came across and signed up for Superfood Organic Juicing Programme. After 3 days of juicing, my body's uric acid problem started to improve, but my left leg was still in pain. Ten days later, I could walk slowly.

After going through this wonderful experience, I have gained more confidence in Wellness Concept and I will continue the programme and recommend it to my family and friends. Long live Wellness Organic Juicing.

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Weak Immune System

Mr. Tan Kuan Heng

My friends introduced Wellness Concept Superfoods to me a few year ago. I was looking for organic health products at that time. I am so glad that I came across Wellness Concept. Before taking Wellness Concept's products, I experienced toxic issues in my body and always tire easily. My immune system was low, and I experience frequent flu.

After taking the products, my health condition has improve and I do not experience flu anymore! I appreciate Wellness Concept for introducing the products to me ! I love SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®, Good Health, True Wealth !

Lower Cholesterol & Anti-Aging

Mdm Lee

I had a really high cholesterol level 128 mg /dl and I have tried a lot of products that claimed to lower cholesterol levels. But none of them worked for me. Until one day, I came across this SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®. Since I have tried many products, I might as well give this a try as well.

I would like to thank myself for giving it a try and also Wellness Concept for introducing this wonderful product to me. Now, my cholesterol levels not only dropped and maintained at 89 mg / dl but also looks 5 years younger !


Detox & Acne Problem

Ms. Mandy Hiew

As a teenager, I grew up with bad acne. I have a long list of products that I have tried to get rid of my pimple problem. I lost my confidence with acne on my face, but with SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® I have regained my confidence.

After consuming SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® twice a day for just three months, the results were significant! The acne on my face had disappeared. I am highly satisfied with what I see in the mirror, thanks to BARLEYGREEN®, and thank you Wellness Concept !


Dr. Lorraine Day

Dr. Lorriaine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies by using Juicing Program, so her body could heal itself. The Juicing Programme is rich in antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging your body, which may lower your risk of developing cancer.

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What is the difference between Barleygreen®
and other barleygrass products?

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long will it take to see results ?

As per the human body's natural healing cycle, we recommend 3-4 months as the lifespan of red blood cells is about 100-120 days, whereas our body cells have a lifespan of about 90 days.

Due to our modernized lifestyles and daily intake of processed food, we are constantly exposed to toxins. So, detoxification is required every day. It is also crucial to maintain your body’s alkalinity at all times to prevent diseases. So, BG is the most ideal organic alkaline superfood that can help you to achieve and sustain a healthy state.

2. What does it taste like ?

It tastes like green tea. You can have the flexibility to mix it with more water if you prefer a more diluted taste.

3. What is the difference between BG and other barley grass products ?

BG uses a patented processing method known as the “Low-Temperature Spray-Dry Method” that preserves 100% of nutrients and live enzymes. Meanwhile, other barley grass products use conventional methods that involve heat, which damages the enzymes in the barley grass.

BG is made of juice essence powder condensing 99% of fibre and resulting in 20 times more concentration. Other barley grass products are made of leaf powder containing a lot of fibre, which greatly lowers your absorption of nutrients when consumed.

4. Can children, pregnant women, and the elderly drink BG ?

Yes ! Consuming BG is like eating vegetables - providing a rich spectrum of nutrients and live enzymes that are suitable for child development, pregnant moms and their unborn babies, along the elderly in improving their overall health.

5. Can I take BG along with my other supplements ?

Yes ! BG will not hinder the absorption of other supplements. In fact, many nutrients are known to work together synergically. Nutrients utilized in conjunction with one another may have a more beneficial effect than if taken in isolation. BG’s alkaline nature further boosts the absorption of nutrients, enhancing the efficacy of your other supplements.


6. Which is better, powder or caplet ?

Both give the same effect and yield. However, caplets are always suitable for people who are always on the go and seek convenience.


7. What are the benefits of live enzymes in BG ?
Enzymes are a critical source of energy and vitality for our body. Because enzymes die upon coming in contact with high temperatures (> 48℃), our modern everyday diet often kills off enzymes before we can consume them. Therefore, live enzymes in BG help to boost your metabolism and work as antioxidants that fight against diseases.

BG is the only supplement in the market that contains both live enzymes and complete nutrients. As you consume vitamins and minerals, enzymes further increase their absorption and efficacy naturally.

8. How does BG help with my 4 Highs ?
(i) High Blood Sugar :
Caused by insufficient production of insulin from the pancreas which results in poor absorption of glucose. BG contains chlorophyll, nutrients and live enzymes that help promote blood circulation, stimulating the secretion of insulin and thus improving the absorption of glucose while greatly decreasing blood sugar level.

(ii) High Blood Pressure :
Hypertension is due to high sodium levels in your body and stress. BG provides a natural source of potassium (a healthy alternative to sodium chloride) which helps in blood vessel dilation and can be absorbed by the human body more effectively.

(iii) High Cholesterol :
BG contains hexacosyl & beta-sitosterol, the alcohol substances that play a role in inhibiting the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels and absorbing the cholesterol in our intestinal tract, thus effectively lowering cholesterol level.

(iv) High Uric Acid :
High uric acid levels in the body can cause crystals of uric acid to form, leading to gout pain. BG is rich in Vitamin B, specifically folic acid, which dissolves uric acid crystals. In addition, folic acid inhibits the body’s production of certain enzymes responsible for uric acid production.

Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium & Magnesium in BG help to render the body more alkaline. This makes your blood less acidic, greatly lowering the uric acid levels in your body.

9. How does BG help with Cancer ?
“No disease including cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.” - Dr Otto, Nobel Prize Laurette.

BG is an organic alkaline superfood that contains a powerful antioxidant 2’-O-GIV & P4D1 to fight against cancer cells, while also containing the enzyme SOD which has the effect of suppressing cancerous cells. BG holds a collection of vitamins (A,C and E) that has a cancer-suppressing effect: combined together, they form a powerful force to fight off cancer cells.

10. Can I take BG during chemotherapy, and what is the dosage ?
Yes ! Chemotherapy kills your body cells which makes you weak and lowers your immune system. That’s why you’ll need to build up your immune system in the shortest time possible to prevent other diseases from affecting you - BG provides all the nutrients necessary for building healthy cells, and more !

Ideally, we recommend 2 tablespoons of BG, 3 times a day to boost your immune system and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. For cancer patients, we also recommend our Wellness Functional Juicing Program as a holistic option.

11. How does BG boost my Immune System ?
“No disease including cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.” - Dr Otto, Nobel Prize Laurette. Since the root cause of many diseases is linked to having an acidic body, a highly alkaline diet can help to neutralize body acidity while strengthening the immune system.

BG is rich in vitamins and powerful live enzymes such as 2”-O-GIV, SOD, and P4D1, which serve as natural antibodies to strengthen our immune system. BG is an organic, alkaline superfood that maintains your body as an alkaline environment to destroy diseases before they take root.

12. How does BG help with my Gastric Problem ?
BG is a natural, effective way to treat and improve the health of our stomach and gut due to its alkaline nature. It provides a rich supply of enzymes to aid digestion, while the regenerative effect of chlorophyll speeds up the recovery of ulcers on the stomach wall mucosa. By taking Potassium-rich food such as BG, you can easily alleviate gastric problems.

For better results, we encourage consumption together with Probio+Plus. Probiotics are dietary supplements containing live beneficial bacteria - the kind that you need for a healthy, functioning gut.

13. How does BG help with Anti-Aging ?
Based on Dr. Hagiwara’s research, by adding BG juice into DNA within the cells, cells repaired themselves twice as quickly when compared to cells that received none. This is because SOD and 2’-O-GIV enzymes in BG act as cellular antioxidants for anti-aging. Vitamin E is also a key inclusion that prevents cellular damage - hence slowing down the ageing process.

14. How does BG help with my Acne Problem ?
Acne problems are usually caused by unhealthy internal organ conditions and high body acidity. As BG is alkaline in nature, it helps neutralize body acidity, consequently improving acne problems.

BG is rich in SOD enzymes, which is a powerful antioxidant that can protect healthy cells from being destroyed by free radicals. BG also provides a rich and well-balanced variety of vitamin content that helps us detox and rejuvenate our skin.

15. How does BG help with my Constipation Problem ?
The live enzymes in BG promote the mobility of the intestinal tract, while also strengthening the muscles required for faecal evacuation. The Potassium contained within BG also effectively improves intestinal function and muscular power of the large intestine, as well as across the entire body. The chlorophyll in BG also helps in aggregating colon toxins and releasing them through bowel movements.


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