Women and Cancer, and How We Can Help You to Live Healthier and Wealthier

Cancer affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, or patient – Jennifer Aniston

Some of the cancers that most often affect women are breast and ovarian cancers. Knowing about these cancers and what you can do to help prevent them or detect them early (when they are small, have not spread, and might be easier to treat) may help save your life.

Breast Cancer

Some statistics for you to digest,

• Did you know that breast cancer affects 1 MILLION women in the world each year?

• Did you know that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide, second to lung cancer?

• Did you know that of the new cases of female breast cancer reported in Malaysia in 2003, 64% of these cases were women between the ages of 40 to 60 years old?

• Did you know that Chinese women seemed to be at the highest risk, with an incidence of 59.7 per 100,000? Followed by Indian women (55.8 per 100,000) and Malay women (33.9 per 100,000).

• Did you know that early detection and getting appropriate medical attention can help save lives? So, it is unfortunate in Malaysia that nearly 40% of the new cases identified each year were already in the very advanced stages of the disease.

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is everything. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in and yet a majority of women do not routinely check their

breasts for abnormalities or go for annual screenings after the age of 40.

What can you do?

Detecting breast cancer early, when it is small, has not spread, and might be easier to treat, can help prevent deaths from the disease. Getting regular screening tests is the most reliable way to find breast cancer early. The American Cancer Society recommends the following for women at average risk for breast cancer:

• Women ages 40 to 44 should have the choice to start yearly breast cancer screening with a mammogram (x-ray of the breast) if they wish to do so.

• Women age 45 to 54 should get a mammogram every year.

• Women 55 and older can switch to a mammogram every 2 years or can continue yearly screening.

You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset – Dave Pelzer

Ovarian Cancer

Although ovarian cancer can occur at any age, it is more likely to occur as women get older. Women who have never had children or who had their first child after age 35 may be at increased risk for this cancer. Women who have used estrogen alone as hormone replacement therapy are also at increased risk. Women with a personal or family history of hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer or breast cancer are more likely to have a higher risk for ovarian cancer. But women who do not have any of these conditions or risk factors can still get ovarian cancer.

What can you do?

Currently, there are no recommended cancer screening tests for ovarian cancer for women who are not at high risk of developing the disease. A Pap test does not find ovarian cancer but a pelvic exam should be part of a woman’s regular health exam. Some tests might be used in women who have symptoms or have a high risk of ovarian cancer. You should see a health care provider right away if you have any of these symptoms for more than a few weeks:

• Abdominal (belly) swelling with weight loss

• Digestive problems (including gas, loss of appetite and bloating)

• Abdominal or pelvic pain

• Feeling like you need to urinate (pee) all the time

Women Who Beat Cancer

Kylie Minogue Australian-British pop singer Minogue says her doctor missed her breast cancer in 2005. She learned about the misdiagnosis only when she went back for a second opinion several weeks later. Minogue quickly had lumpectomy to remove the small tumor, followed by chemo. She now tells women to trust their instincts. “If you have any doubt, go back again”.

Maggie Smith

This British actress was 73 and receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer when she began filming “Harry Potter” and the “Half-Blood Prince”. Smith had earlier had found a lump she wrongly thought was benign. After 2 years of treatment, doctors deemed her cancer-free.

Christina Applegate

Applegate's mother had survived breast cancer. She was diligent about her yearly mammograms. When a follow-up MRI showed the disease in her left breast, her doctor scheduled lumpectomy and a round of radiation. While, she tested positive for the gene that causes breast cancer, which put her at high risk for having it again. So, she chose to have a double mastectomy instead.

Robin Roberts

The co-anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America felt a lump in her breast during self-exam in 2007. Knowing right away it wasn’t normal, she went for an ultrasound and a biopsy. Roberts had the fast-growing triple-negative cancer, which often happens to African Americans and Hispanics. Roberts had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation therapy. She speaks out on self-exams, which catches about 40% of breast cancer cases.

Cobie Smulders

At age 25, “The Avengers” and “How I Met Your Mother” actress Cobie Smulders was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She kept her diagnosis private for years, but she opened up about her cancer in 2015, sharing the difficulties she had managing her work life as an actress while detailing her hardships with treatment. Today, she is in remission and speaks out about the need for women to be protective about their health.


Foods Best For Self-Healing From Cancer

No single food or diet can prevent or cause cancer, but your dietary choices can make a difference in your risk of developing breast cancer or their overall well-being while living with the condition. Cancer can start in different places, grow in different ways, and require different kinds of treatment. Just as particular types of cancer respond better to certain treatments, some cancers respond well to specific foods.

Humans require raw alkaline food as energy to maintain a healthy body. Raw alkaline food has the best nutrients, especially vegetables. However, cooking it destroys 83% of the vitamin content and kills all the enzymes that are beneficial to our bodies. Juicing raw vegetables is most efficient because most of the nutrients are in the juice and is more easily absorbed by the human body. Apart from that, it also helps to prevent cancer. Many factors could cause high body acidity from our food intake to the environment we live in. Therefore, to remove the acidic waste in our body, we need to increase alkaline food intake. Our body is our own healing machine. Self-healing happens by providing the body with proper nutrition to regenerate and promote wellness, which is the opposite mechanism of drugs that are used to cover up the symptoms of diseases. Our Wellness Organic Juicing is not a drug/ medicine, it is a high alkaline vegetable juice, nutritious with live enzymes in it not only helps to balance the acidity of the body, but it also helps to detoxify at the cellular level.

Cancer is messy and scary. You throw everything at it, but don’t forget to throw love at it. It turns out that might be the best weapon of all.

The Wellness Concept Organic Juicing

The Wellness Concept Juicing is like drinking a salad in a glass. This program consists of 3 products, BarleyGreen, Beta Beet and Beta Carrot, each with its own health benefits.

The BarleyGreen® is a concentrated organic barley grass powder from Japan. It helps to detoxify, Alkaline, Rejuvenate and Energize the body with alkaline nutrients consisting of 16 vitamins, 17 minerals, 18 amino acids and more than 300 live enzymes.

Beta Beet is a concentrated beet powder from the USA. Beetroots are packed with calcium, iron, magnesium and folic acid for blood building and to enrich “weak” blood. It also contains betaine which helps with liver detoxification. Beta Beet contains natural nitrates that help improve blood circulation, which in turn, increases vitality and support a healthy heart. If you are experiencing fatigue, hot flashes, sweating at night, beta beet can help to relieve these re-menopause symptoms by promoting hormone balance.

Beta Carrot is a concentrated carrot powder from the USA, which is enhanced with Vitamin C from Acerola berries. These berries are packed with antioxidants. Carrots are known to support healthy vision. This product contains beta carotene and Vitamin C to improve your eyesight. On top of that, drinking Beta Carrot will also improve skin health and complexion, strengthens bones and teeth, and boosts the immune systems.

All you have to do is combine 1 teaspoon of BarleyGreen with 1/2 teaspoon of Beta Beet and 1 teaspoon of Beta Carrot. Drink this twice per day before breakfast and before sleep. Consuming 2 glasses every day is equal to 8 servings of a regular salad filled with live enzymes. By drinking 2 glasses. This will help your body to naturally detox, balance acid buildup and heal your body, so you will feel more energetic and look younger.

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