Three High (High Blood Pressure, Sugar&Cholesterol) 三高

Chan Cheow Huah

I am a delivery man for a machinery factory. From my recent health reports, I’ve notice that my organs were in stressful condition. I was having diabetes, hypertension and stomach inflammation. I had a high index of cancer cells marker and if not taken care of, it may lead to colorectal cancer. This is partly due to my unhealthy diets which are low in nutrients and stressful lifestyles, which contributed my body to have low levels of enzymes and to lose its vitality.

Now, I am thankful that I have Wellness Concept’s Superfood Organic range of products with me. My overall condition has transformed to healthy organs and I regained my vitality too! When my brother shared that tumours were found in his liver, he had undergone surgery to remove them. I recommended him SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® and Beta Beet.

Few months of consuming these Superfood Juicing and his latest health report indicated that his liver cancer cell index has reduced significantly! He also started to consume FiberGreen and Probio+plus . It helped with his constipation and sped up his recovery. Thank you, Wellness Concept!



我很庆幸遇上Wellness Concept的一系列有机产品, 因为他让我的心不再绞痛,胃也没溃烂,或发炎,也不再胀风,血糖的指数落至6、7,几乎是平衡的指数。至於血压也能维持在140/90之间,没有了便秘问题,也让我的生活变得更美好。记得我哥哥之前也被肝癌的问题困扰,在营养师的讲解后,我介绍他饮用富含完整营养素的SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®Beta Beet有机红甜菜

饮用了几个月之後,肝内癌细胞的指数竟然明显地改善。他也在之后食用 FiberGreen有机纤维素 Probio+Plus益生菌。这也让长期以来的便秘问题获得彻底改善。


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