Hypertension and Thyroid Problem

Grace Lee Siew Tin

I’ve suffered from high blood pressure (210/120) and my doctor warned me about the risk of getting a stroke at this high level. Besides having high blood pressure, I have thyroid problem

and after my second dose of radioiodine therapy, my doctor has prescribed thyroxine (100 mg) apart from the antihypertensive medication. My hair was dropping as well due to my constant intake of medicine. I am depressed because of my health condition and I shared my concerns with my friends and family.

Everything changed when an acquaintance introduced SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® to me. After consuming it as a health supplement for a while, my doctor told me that my blood pressure is now at 110/64 which is now normal! Not only that, my thyroid problem improved as well. Instead of taking them for life, my doctor advised me to gradually reduce my medication. Thank you SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®!

几年前, 我的血压曾经飙升至210/120。我这把年纪可能会因为高血压而随时引起中风, 所以当时的我非常担忧。服食了SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®后, 我的血压神奇地下降了。 经过例常的复诊, 我的血压已降至110/64,我的医生说我从此可减少服用抗血压药物的剂量。

进行了第二次的放射碘疗后, 我的甲状腺已无法正常的发挥功能。那时开始我不得不服食100mg 剂量的甲状腺素。 最近, 医生竟然指示我可从100mg的剂量减至50mg。 我想起医生曾经告诉我必须服用一辈子100mg的甲状腺素, 所以我对这次的成绩感到十分的惊奇。 由于长期服食甲状腺素, 我的头发掉了许多。 现在我的头发却重新长了出来。我相信这一切是SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® 所创造的奇迹 !

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