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  Best Selling since 1987  

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BARLEYGREEN® is extract of organic young barleygrass with 20 times the concentration. It provides the widest spectrum of natural nutrients available from a single plant source direct from mother earth. Considered as the perfect wholesome food with balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, protein (amino acids), live enzymes, chlorophyll and pH alkaline needed by the body to help detox and strengthen our immune system.

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His research proved that young barley grass juice is one of the most nutritionally balanced food nature can offer. And so was born BARLEYGREEN® whereby his dream mission to enact ‘Green Revolution’ – to have a bottle of BARLEYGREEN® in every home throughout the world.

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara a world renowned research scientist and inventor spent his early years developing several successful pharmaceutical formulas. However, his health started to deteriorate at the young age of 38. With that, he devoutly spent his years studying the nutrients and benefits of over 150 plants and herbs to find and create the perfect green food.


The Award-winning

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3 Steps To Optimum Health

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