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The Story of

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara

and Barleygreen

Dr. Hagiwara

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara was a greatly renowned scientist and pharmacist, along with being the founder and owner of Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company at the time.

He initially began his career pursuing modern medicine as the solution to better health - but as his health began to deteriorate severely at the age of 38, Dr. Hagiwara was forced to seek a better solution for his own condition.


After more than a decade of research, he discovered two things: First, that the only guarantee of health came from the body’s ability to sustain and safeguard itself through the immune system. Second, that the juices of young barley leaves were the ultimate natural food for health and immunity – mild in taste, unimaginably abundant in nutrients, and able to cleanse wastes from the body.


Eventually, his health improved; and Dr. Hagiwara - amazed by the incredible effects of this natural superfood - resolved to introduce the world to this quintessential step towards optimal, all-natural healthcare.

And so, BARLEYGREEN was born.

Dr. Hagiwara

Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara


• Graduated from the Department of Pharmacology of Kumamoto University, Japan

• Received his medical doctorate (M.D) from Tokushima University, Japan

• Former Visiting Professor, University of California at Davis, California

• Recipient of the “Lifetime Dedication to Pharmaceutical Industry Award”         

   presented by the Governor of Osaka, Japan

• Recipient of the “Japan Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award”

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