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How to make the people you care about live healthier lives? Even cancer free?

According to Dr Otto Warburg, the 1931 Nobel Prize Winner for cancer discovery, “NO disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”He suggested that cancer cells “live in hypoxic, very low oxygen, and acidic conditions and derive energy from sugars by fermenting them the way yeast does”.


As cancer progresses, the body becomes more and more acidic as its pH drops below 7.35. His discoveries were revolutionary for their time, and contributed greatly to what we know about cancer today. BarleyGreen is an extract of organic young barley grass which balances body pH value to create an alkaline environment for healthy cells.

  • Q: How does BARLEYGREEN help with Cancer?
    “No disease including cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.” - Dr Otto, Nobel Prize Laurette. 

    BARLEYGREEN is an organic alkaline superfood that contains a powerful antioxidant 2’-O-GIV & P4D1 to fight against cancer cells, while also containing the enzyme SOD which has the effect of suppressing cancerous cells. BARLEYGREEN holds a collection of vitamins (A,C and E) that has a cancer-suppressing effect: combined together, they form a powerful force to fight off cancer cells.



  • Q: Can I take BARLEYGREEN during chemotherapy, & what is the dosage?
    Yes! Chemotherapy kills your body cells which makes you weak and lowers your immune system. That’s why you’ll need to build up your immune system in the shortest time possible to prevent other diseases from affecting you - BARLEYGREEN provides all the nutrients necessary for building healthy cells, and more!

    Ideally, we recommend 2 tablespoons of BARLEYGREEN , 3 times a day to boost your immune system and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. For cancer patients, we also recommend our Wellness Functional Juicing Program as a holistic option.


  • Q: How does BARLEYGREEN boost my Immune System?
    “No disease including cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.” - Dr Otto, Nobel Prize Laureate. Since the root cause of many diseases is linked to having an acidic body, a highly alkaline diet can help to neutralize body acidity while strengthening the immune system.

    BARLEYGREEN is rich in vitamins and powerful live enzymes such as  2'-O-GIV, SOD, and P4D1, which serve as natural antibodies to strengthen our immune system. BARLEYGREEN is an organic, alkaline superfood that maintains your body as an alkaline environment to destroy diseases before they take root.

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What health problems are they experiencing?

 ✨How do they recover✨

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Wet grass

BARLEYGREEN® Endorsed by Professional

Barleygreen Dr.Takayuki Shibamoto, Professor
Dr.Takayuki Shibamoto, Professor, Department of Environmental Toxicology, University of California Davis, CA
2”-0-GIV, a potent antioxidant isolated from barley grass powder can help to strengthen immunity by preventing cell damage

Dr. Shibamoto’s research on barley grass leads him to find 2” -0-GIV, a potent antioxidant that is found to be 500 times more effective than Vitamin E in preventing cell damage leading to premature aging and weakened immunity

Kazuhiko Kubota, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy Department Science University of Tokyo
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) found in BARLEY GREEN improve inflammation, which is an immune system response

His research found that BARLEYGREEN® can lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and is key to preventing thrombosis, anxiety, ulcers, and inflammation in the body.

Barleygreen Kazuhiko Kubota
Barleygreen Dr. Bob Terry
Dr. Bob Terry Detoxification Expert From The United States
BARLEYGREEN® break down pesticide found in Vegetables and Fruits

Dr. Terry conducted research by adding many types of pesticides and insecticides into a container of water mix with BARLEYGREEN®. Within 3 hours, insecticide such as malathion, parathion, chlorpyrifos, and diazinon was broken down and decomposed by the enzymes in BARLEYGREEN®.

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Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara
Inventor of BARLEYGREEN®

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Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara was a world renowned researcher, scientist and inventor who spent his early years developing multiple successful pharmaceutical formulas.

However, his health started to deteriorate at the young age of 38. He then spent his remaining years studying the nutrients and benefits of over 150 plants and herbs to find and create the nutritionally perfect 'green' food.

His research found that the juice from young barley grass is one of the most nutritionally balanced food nature can offer... and so BARLEYGREEN® was born.

His dream was to enact a 'Green Revolution' - to have a bottle of BARLEYGREEN® in every home throughout the world.

Award-Winning Patented Processing Method

1 kg of BARLEYGREEN® Premium =
The concentration of wholesome nutrition from 20kg of young barley leaves

According to the research from WHO, Cancer has taken away more than 10 million precious lives in 2020 ALONE.

To have the mindset of 【
Prevention is better than cure】 is very important as prevention is the most cost-effective long-term strategy for fighting cancer!

Prevent cancer

  • Is BARLEYGREEN effective against cancer?
    The most feared disease today is cancer. Although the treatment of cancer has improved considerably, many people still die to it.

    Recently, numerous barley grass consumers have reported that they are "free from cancer" and "cancer cells have become smaller."

    It is hard to believe that a disease that cannot be completely cured by the latest medical technology can be cured by the highly available young barley grass.

    In fact, after looking at the ingredients of the barley grass, many compounds were found to be effective against cancer.

    Cancer is when a cell suddenly mutates into a cancer cell due to certain reasons; One of the reasons is that there are carcinogenic substances. The cyclic hydrocarbons in coal tar, the toxin in the heads of cones and ferns, and the well-known charred grilled fish, are all carcinogens.

    Based on experimental results, it is known that barley grass has an inhibitory effect on these carcinogens.

  • Peroxidase
    Barley grass contains an enzyme called peroxidase, which make carcinogens harmless and prevents cells from becoming cancerous.

    In addition, barley grass contains many cancer-fighting vitamins like vitamin A, C and E. These effects add up to greatly overcome cancer.

    And you might remember that there was a topic from few years ago about how plant-based oil (linoleic acid) can remove cholesterol. But recently it has been shown that plant-based oil (linoleic acid) can damage DNA, cell membranes and blood vessel walls, thus leading to diseases such as cancer, inflammation, atopic disorders, and diabetes. Meanwhile, the antioxidant effect of barley grass, which prevents oxidation, should be very effective in preventing the aforementioned diseases.

    Consuming healthy foods like barley grass is a good preventive strategy for modern people surrounded by carcinogens.

 ---------- Taken from <BarleyGreen Essence - Juice of BarleyGreen >

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